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Aarhus Calling TV2 OJ

New single from the world star Ricky Martin is written in Aarhus

The local news “TV2 OJ” invited Aarhus Calling to tell about the songwriting camp and how a song from the camp ended up as a worldwide hit by Ricky Martin.


TV2 OJ, October 5, 2016.



Watch the Danish feature in “Kulturkampen” at TV2 OJ here

Dane is behind Ricky Martin’s comeback hit: »It’s crazy to experience«


»I’m about to celebrate some kind of 30 years jubilee. All of those years I have worked with Danish music. To watch the doors open in front of me in this way is simply fantastic. Not just because it might mean that I can write more music for other people. The most important thing for me is that I got to know some super kind and very musical people«

BT, September 25, 2016.


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Ricky Martin Chief1 Aarhus Calling
Chief1 Ricky Martin Aarhus Calling

Chief1’s success: Writes for Ricky Martin


»The connection to Ricky Martin was initially secured through the writer bootcamp “Aarhus Calling” in the beginning of the year, where professionals and amateurs worked with songwriting on a higher level than Chief1 was used to«  

Her & Nu, September 23, 2016



Read the Danish feature in “Her & Nu” here

Ricky Martin releases new single

– written and produced in Aarhus


»The conception took place at the end of April at Aarhus Calling. The name covers an international songwriting camp, where well known songwriters and producers from all over the world meet up and work together during the annual SPOT Festival.

The purpose is simply to export songs to the international music market«

Århus Stiftstidende, September 22, 2016

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Ricky Martin Aarhus Calling
Ricky Martin Aarhus Calling

Ricky Martin releases Aarhus-song


»The song, with the original title “Some Kind of Dream”, but now titled with the Spanish “Vente Pa’Ca” which means “Come here”, was written by a songwriter- and producer team during the songwriting camp Aarhus Calling«

Jyllands-Posten, September 22, 2016

Read the Danish feature in “Jyllands-Posten” here

Songwriting camp is a hit


“DR Nyheder” visited Aarhus Calling during the songwriting camp.

This turned into a feature on the national news including interviews with:


  • Kara DioGuardi
    • American Idol judge, singer/songwriter, publisher etc.
  • Cutfather
    • Danish songwriter and producer
  • Nicklas Sahl
    • Danish upcoming singer/songwriter


TV Avisen, DR, April 30, 2016

DR Tv-Avisen Aarhus Calling
Cutfather Aarhus Calling

American star producers at work in Aarhus


»One Direction, Celine Dion and Tina Turner. The list of artists, who the international songwriters and producers at Aarhus Calling worked with, is much longer. We’re mentioning indiscriminately: Britney Spears, Rod Stewart, Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey. 

Aarhus Calling is the biggest songwriting camp in Denmark, where the prominent international guests partly work together and partly coach young Danish talents in the art of writing and producing songs.«

Århus Stiftstidende, April 28, 2016

Read the Danish feature in “Århus Stiftstidende” here

Songwriters learning from the big stars


»This week, Aarhus Calling gives young, local talents the opportunity to be coached by experienced international powers. Among them Che Pope – producer and A&R for Kanye West«

Århus Stiftstidende, May 1, 2015

Read the Danish feature in “Århus Stiftstidende” here

Che Pope Aarhus Calling Stiften