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Do you dream of taking the next step in your music career? Are you looking for the opportunity to break through internationally as a songwriter and/or producer? Do you have what it takes to deliver the next international hit?


Aarhus Calling invites songwriters and producers from all over Denmark to send in their application to get the chance to be one of the 12 upcoming talents at Aarhus Calling International Songwriting Camp.


At Aarhus Calling your songs will be presented to publishers and other writers and producers. At the same time, you get the chance to develop your skills and network with international songwriters, producers, and other people from the industry.

Aarhus Calling gave me a great foundation as a songwriter as well as an unique and direct insight into how it is being a songwriter – and what is expected from me to join the absolute elite. Aarhus Calling gave me a priceless network of both new upcoming songwriter-talents like myself, but also great international songwriters, producers and publishers. Thus Aarhus Calling has been a steppingstone to a world filled with inspiring people, fantastic music and huge dreams – for me and many others. Last, but not least, I was just invited to a writing session with great international songwriters because of my network established at Aarhus Calling.

Nicklas Sahl, Danish singer & songwriter, Aarhus Calling 2015 & 2016 participant

Aarhus Calling songwriter singer

On the songwriting camp you will be writing with other upcoming talents from all over Denmark. You will be given pitches/briefs by publishers, A&R’s & managers from different world markets.

Therefore you have to be open-minded, flexible, work professionally and deliver a product on a high level as a songwriter/producer on Aarhus Calling


At the camp, there will be 10 studios in total. All studios are in the same building, and the networking opportunities with the international writers & producers are tremendous, so don’t forget to mingle!

Aarhus Calling more than exceeded my expectations. In addition to great inspiration, network and development, I also created several memories that I will never forget: During a session I look over my shoulder and see experienced producers like Cutfather, Michael Angelo, Tommy Gee and Kendrick Dean squeezed together at the door to my studio, while they are yelling about how great the music is.
Another evening, after our long sessions, Cutfather and co. invite us to something that reminds me of an open-mic with the ``American Idol`` judge Kara DioGuardi among others.

Daniel Mirza Salcedo, Danish producer & songwriter, Aarhus Calling 2016 participant

aarhus calling producer

During Aarhus Calling, there will be coaches to help you develop your skills as a producer/songwriter. They will be present throughout the whole camp, and there will be plenty of opportunities for feedback and help.

In 2016 the coaches were Kendrick Dean (Chris Brown, Mariah Carey, Usher, Destiny’s Child) and Tommy Gee (One Direction). The coach(es) of Aarhus Calling 2017 will be announced later.

Tommy Gee gave me personal guidance, which gave me a clear view of how to utilise my time as producer and songwriter to the limit.
After Aarhus Calling I continued working with most of the talents. We wrote songs for pitch as well as for their own projects, and in general we keep in touch.
Furthermore I established a collaboration with Cutfather and Kendrick Dean. This collaboration has been a milestone for me as they are the top of the ladder, when it comes to commercial pop and R&B.
Personally the event increased my tempo and gave me focus, drive and experience.

Daniel Mirza Salcedo, Danish producer & songwriter, Aarhus Calling 2016 participant

To be considered for Aarhus Calling 2017, please send:


*1 or 2 songs (mp3-format), which you wrote or produced. Please name the file(s) your own name and the name of the song(s).

*1 short presentation (pdf-file) of you as a writer/producer (max. 1 page). Please make sure to describe your role on the attached song(s) very clearly.

*1 picture of yourself in high resolution.


Send your material to

* Deadline for applications: April 1st 2017.


*The 12 selected participants will be contacted directly and announced April 10th.


* Participant fee: DKK 1200,-.

Participant fee includes food and beverages during the whole camp as well as a free ticket for SPOT Festival in Aarhus.


* Aarhus Calling 2017 takes place in Aarhus May 3rd – May 5th. Please be sure to dedicate all three days completely.