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About Aarhus Calling

Aarhus Calling is the biggest international songwriting camp in Denmark!

Aarhus Calling 2017 will take place 3rd of May – 5th of May.

Aarhus Calling is for international, national and upcoming songwriters and producers.

This project is creating a gateway for writers and producers from all over the world to work with songwriting on a very high level. The main goal is to export songs worldwide and break down international music barriers.

Aarhus Calling invites million selling writers, producers, A&R’s and publishers from all over the world for an unique co-writing workshop. For one week, some of the most talented Danish and international writers and producers write songs to be presented to worldwide artists.

Aarhus Calling wants to emphasize the songwriting industry as well as give the upcoming and established Danish writers the network and opportunity they need to take their songwriting career to the next level.

Upcoming Danish songwriters and producers can apply to attend the camp and be a part of the biggest songwriting event in Denmark.

Aarhus Calling was established in 2015, and so far the songwriting camp took place in both 2015 and 2016.
In 2017 Aarhus Calling will take place 3rd of May – 5th of May alongside SPOT Festival in Aarhus.


SPOT Festival is the biggest international music business gathering of the year in Denmark and will take place 4th of May – 7th of May. This means even more opportunities for the participants of Aarhus Calling to network during and after the camp.

Aarhus Calling is unique in Denmark, because the camp takes modern songwriting seriously and understands the means and network that are needed to create succesfull export of songs. The team behind Aarhus Calling are pure fiery souls who you can’t do anything but admire.
I have, on the one camp I attended, created a big and new international network and…well… I just became a co-writer on a worldwide hit. Thank you!
This is what it takes for Denmark to create a reputation as new songwriting centre for the rest of the world – exactly like Sweden and Norway did before us.

Lars ``Chief1`` Pedersen, Danish producer & songwriter

Chief1 Ricky Martin Aarhus Calling

Aarhus Calling is hosted by the Danish music entrepreneurs & production company

Brand New Records


in collaboration with

DPA (Danish Songwriters Guild)),

SPOT Festival

and Cutfather Productions


with support from

The Royal Academy of Music, Promus, OFF2017, City of Aarhus, Musikforlæggerne, MXD & Nomex.